CCTV Video Recorders - WJ-RT416 Series

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16CH Real-Time MPEG-4 Digital Disk Recorder supporting 480 ips (NTSC) / 400 ips (PAL)

Records all 16 cameras at 30 (NTSC) / 25 (PAL) ips, Multiplexed video and control data over the coax (4ch default, additional 4ch by optional WV-PB4164), Max. 3 TB (WJ-RT416) or 2.5 TB (WJ-RT416V) HDDs can be installed, Image format: MPEG-4.

Key Features

Equipped with 8 Dual Core Encoders, all 16 cameras can be recorded at 30 ips (NTSC) / 25 ips (PAL) per channel.
MPEG-4: High quality and high compression technology for economical recording
Supports multiplexed video and control data over the coax (4ch default, additional 4ch by optional board WV-PB4164) and RS-485 camera control (channel 1 ~ 16)
Panasonic Camera Control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset Position, Auto mode (depends on the camera model) with a system controller, the monitoring software or the web browser.
Various Recording Modes: Manual, Timer, Event (Pre/Post)
Flexible Recording/Playback Controls: REC, PLAY, Pause, Stop, FF, REW, Prev Record, Next Record
Various Display Modes: 4 / 6 / 9 / 16 split screen display (Live)
16 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs
Synchronized audio recording for 16 channels
Direct Search and List Search (Time & Date, Event Type, Camera number)
Alarm notification via e-mail
Three user levels: Manager, Operator and Viewer Camera partitioning setting can be applied to each user level.
VMD (Video Motion Detector): Mask area: 24 x 20, Sensitivity: 01 ~ 99
Recorded image data can be copied to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, USB memory (FAT32), USB HDD (FAT32) via COPY interface (Specified model only) or DVD-R, CD-R via internal DVD drive (WJ-RT416V), Viewer software can be included when copying.
Equipped with 6 HDD slots (5 HDD slots and 1 DVD drive for V models)
HDD Safety Mode to protect HDDs during installation
Optional WV-CU650 or WV-CU950 system controllers can be connected (RS-485). Playback speed can be controlled by Jog/Shuttle. Direct camera preset position program is also available.
Integration capability with System150*1 or System650*2: System controllers connected to System150/650 can control WJ-RT416. Cameras connected to System150/650 can be controlled from the monitoring software (RT4Client) or the web browser.
Built-in network interfaces (10Base-T / 100Base-TX) for remote monitoring and operation
Multi-recorder, Multi-site system can be made with the provided monitoring software (RT4Client).
Recorded video and audio data can be downloaded to the client PC with the monitoring software (RT4Client) or the web browser. Downloaded images can be played by the viewer software (RT4Viewer).
The viewer software (RT4Viewer) can convert recorded audio and video data into Windows® Media-format, and also can extract audio to wav file.
Up to 16 network clients can monitor live spot images (total network video stream is 16, Refresh rate depends on the number of streams, recording mode and playback mode).
Up to 4 playback streams can be sent to the network.
Selectable Unicast/Multicast for efficient network utilization

Standard Accessories

CD-ROM*............................................ 1 pc.
Installation Guide .................................. 1 pc.
* The followings are included on the CD-ROM.
Operating instructions of the monitoring software (PDF)
Monitoring software (RT4Client, including the viewer software)
The followings are for installation.
Power cable (for NTSC model) ............... 1 pc.
Power cable (for PAL model) .................. 2 pcs.
HDD mounting screws, sleeves, dampers
Rack mounting brackets .......................... 2 pcs.
Fixing screw for rack mounting brackets ... 8 pcs.